Compromised credential: an unauthorized user obtains access using a valid username and password.

Compromised credentials are highly valuable to attackers and continue to be the most common cause of data breaches for organizations and email account takeover for individuals.  According to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

82% of all breaches involved the human element
System Intrusion, Social Engineering and Privilege Misuse were the top patterns in 98% of small business data breaches
Credentials were 93% of the data compromised in small business data breaches

Using a compromised username and password provides an attacker access to sensitive accounts, valuable information and the ability to move laterally throughout a network without triggering security. Establishing a foothold in the network allows attackers to unleash attacks such as pretexting, ransomware, malware and business email compromise scams.

#BeIdentitySmart, #BeCyberSmart

Established in 2021 in partnership with the National Cybersecurity Alliance, Identity Management Day, held on the second Tuesday of April, is a day of awareness to educate business leaders, IT decision makers, and the general public about the importance of identity management.

Actionable Steps to #BeIdentitySmart

• Think of identity as the first line of your cybersecurity defense
• Use Multi-Factor Authentication
• Create strong passwords and never share or re-use them. Password managers make this easy to do!
• Be sure to change the default credentials for hardware and software
• Work with vendors to ensure that they are following basic security guidelines
• Set up a method for verifying requests for payments, banking or address changes and any unusual requests from vendors or partners
• Never click on anything in an unsolicited email or text message
• Recognize and report phishing

Join us for the Identity Management Day Virtual Conference on April 11th

In its second year, the 2023 Virtual Conference will bring together identity and security leaders and practitioners from all over the world to learn and engage. The conference will be presented virtually with a full day of sessions featuring leading identity and security experts discussing the role of identity in cybersecurity strategies and how to address the threats facing organizations today.

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