Cyber Security is no longer an afterthought; modern organizations are more connected than ever. The Internet has empowered small and medium-sized businesses to take advantage of new opportunities to increase visibility and maximize revenue. At the same time, a more connected organization means more risk.

Your infrastructure and data face endless threats and you have a responsibility to keep consumer data safe. We're here to help you improve your security, meet compliance standards, and keep your data and infrastructure protected. 

network Security

We provide Network Security solutions designed to cost-effectively protect and maintain the security of your assets and data. Pivotal IT's experts begin by helping you define security policies and access privileges that meet your regulatory requirements and business objectives.

Next, we leverage the best in security technologies and implement the highest level of protection at your network edge, with monitoring to advise us before issues occur. Our network security hardware and software services include procurement, configuration, implementation of:


When it comes to the security of your network, your end users can be your biggest weakness or your best asset. Pivotal IT is here to help your end users understand their part in securing your network and the data it holds. From gateway and endpoint protections to providing workshops, training and information - we're here to help you navigate today's ever changing threat landscape.

Email Security

Social engineering is common and incredibly effective.  91% of cyberattacks begin with a spear phishing email  and It only takes one successful attack to open the doors to your network and the data it holds.

Protect your company and maintain regulatory compliance with email solutions from Pivotal IT.  We offer highly effecitve, low cost email solutions to give your email multiple layers of protection from spam, malware and other threats: 

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Email Encryption

We're here to help you ensure privacy and meet regulatory compliance requirements with cost-effective, policy based
email encryption.

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Archiving & eDiscovery

Rest easy with copies of all incoming, outgoing email in a secure, encrypted repository and eDiscovery tools to easily find any message or attachment.

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Email Security

Block unwanted mail, such as spam and viruses. Our robust solution also protects against email harvesting and makes phishing attacks apparent.


Our services are designed around security and compliant with a wide rage of regulatory requirements.  From HIPAA  for healthcare providers to GLBA for financial organizations, Pivotal IT provides solutions and recommendations to help you meet business requirements and maintain regulatory compliance:

blue background mobile phone and tablet

Minimize risk and disruptions associated with personal and IoT devices connected to your network with controlled access.

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Content Filtering

Customizable web filtering to help ensure your staff remains focused and productive, while blocking malware and viruses.

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Data Loss Prevention

Protect your data from improper use with solutions to prevent unauthorized access to company data and remote wiping tools.

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Scanning & Assessments

Identify weaknesses in your processes and within your network -including open ports and other points of entry.

server with magnifying glass
Intrusion Detection

Real-time alerts for policy violations, unauthorized users, or other suspicious events occurring on your network.

technology certification on blue background

Each member of our technical staff maintains the latest industry certifications and completes HIPAA security training annually.

secure remote access

Pivotal IT gives you and your employees the tools you need to safely access your business data and information now matter where you are and to work securely from any location:

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VPN Networking
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Remote Desktop
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