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Technology doesn't have to be difficult

Businesses of all sizes rely on technology to achieve goals, meet objectives and accelerate growth, but today’s technology also comes with its share of challenges – especially for smaller businesses. Make the most of your technology investment with Managed IT Services from Pivotal IT.  Our solutions are designed to help you minimize downtime and end technology headaches, without breaking your budget.  

Why fight fires when you can prevent them?  With dedicated network monitoring, patch management and network optimizations performed on a regular basis, you gain efficiency and peace of mind.  Other benefits of outsourcing your technology include:


A network that is secured, maintained and optimized helps systems and applications run smoothly with less interruptions, improving productivity while keeping you two steps ahead of cybercriminals (and your competition!).

Cost Savings

The cost savings of outsourcing your technology extend beyond procurement to tangible expenditures such as unexpected repair bills and less tangible, but equally important costs such as revenue and asset loss.

Less Downtime

Proactive maintenance such as software and antivirus updates ensure your systems operate at peak performance. We schedule these tasks to avoid disruption during working hours for even more uptime!

Predictable Billing

Technology is rarely a fixed variable. Hardware breaks down, programs require upgrades and accidents happen. With managed services you know exactly what you are spending, helping you avoid costly repair bills and effectively manage your budget.

Amazing Service

A friendly, experienced, local support staff monitoring your network that can be reached immediately when you have problems or questions and alert you about issues before they escalate (with a response time of one hour or less!).


From vetting hardware and software to procurement services, vendor management helps save time, money and frustration by providing you with a single point of contact for all of your technology needs.

Leverage the power of a full technology team
for a simple monthly fee

In today’s business environment of connected devices and swiftly changing technologies, a reactive, “break-fix” approach can turn small problems into very costly ones.  Any time you need support, you never know how long it will take to fix the issue or how much it will cost, which makes budgeting for your IT impossible.  Another disadvantage of the "break-fix" approach is the lack of preventative maintenance, which can leave your network exposed to issues that cause downtime and data loss.

Pivotal IT's proactive Flat Rate IT plans are designed to bring stability to your network and your bottom line. While Break/fix computer services depend on your persistent problems to make money and keep them in business, our specialty is preventing them.

To help you get the most from your technology investment we include the following core services with all of our flat rate it service plans:

24/7 Network Monitoring
Multi-device Support
Unlimited Help Desk
Webroot Anti-Virus
End User Training
Network Documentation
Technology Road Map
Asset Management

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No two businesses are the same and Pivotal IT is here to help you integrate business solutions that are tailored to your unique needs to increase productivity and decrease operational costs.

‍Our proactive approach combined with a friendly, experienced support team gives you more than a secure optimized network and time to focus on growing your business - you also get peace of mind.

Pivotal IT is also here to help with more than just managed services. Our knowledgeable, creative staff are also available to provide solutions for technology projects of all scopes and sizes.