“If It Wasn’t for Pivotal IT We’d Still be Down...Again.”

Those are the words of Bubba Wolfe, president of SERVPRO of North Spartanburg, after Pivotal IT completely overhauled their network infrastructure following a series of server failures and lost work.

SERVPRO, one of Pivotal’s clients, specializes in residential and commercial damage cleanup and restoration. Water damage, fire restoration, and biohazard remediation are all part of the services SERVPRO provides. Delivering these services means they can get called anytime—day or night. This being the case, they need to have a stable, dependable system to process orders, record vital compliance information, and process insurance claims. But when the server repeatedly went down, office workers were sent home because they could not work. Employees in the field were relegated to using paper to process incidents and claims. This was an intolerable situation.

Pivotal received a call from a mutual client asking that we contact Mr. Wolfe. We met with him to discuss his issues and determine the proper course of action.

“My current vendor could not tell me what was wrong with the server, my productivity was tanking—I was losing time and money” Bubba relates. “On the one hand I was told to repair it, and on the other I was told to buy a new one. I did not know what to do. I did not feel confident. Pivotal asked questions I had never been asked. They didn’t just want to come in and try to sell me something—they wanted to understand my business and my problem to make sure I was a fit and that they could help.”

Pivotal quickly reviewed all SERVPRO's business processes and line of business applications.

"If it wasn't for Pivotal IT, we'd still be down...again" - Bubba Wolfe, President - SERVPRO of North Spartanburg